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The CRC Network is an international network for researchers and medical personnell seeking a cure for colorectal cancer.

Your donation will help us continue our task to discover better treatment options for patients with colon cancer.

We are certain our research has the power to make significant breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we are able to award high-impact grants, allowing some of the world's best scientists to embark on ground-breaking research projects, allowing to speed up discoveries, ultimately working to save lives by saving time.

Our network has facilitated great progress in research on colorectal cancer. Our aim is to enable the best-equipped laboratories at our partner institutions, and to attract and inspire the best and brightest scientific minds to take on groundbreaking new research with the potential to prevent, enhance treatment and cure this devastating disease.

On behalf of the CRC Network, we thank our donors and supporters.