Welcome to the 4th CRC Network Meeting 28-29 March 2019 at the University of Oxford

Themes 2019: Stem cells, New Technologies

CRC Network Meetings are open to all interested in advances in research on colorectal cancer.

Collaborating Partners:


  • Vivian Li, Crick Institute,London
  • JP Medema, AMC, Amsterdam
  • Alex Bullock, SGC, Oxford
  • Ian Tomlinson, ICGS, Birmingham
  • James Paul, Cancer trial office, Glasgow
  • Simon Bach, ICGS, Birmingham
  • Enric Domingo, Oncology, Oxford
  • David Church, WCHG, Oxford
  • Claire Palles, ICGS, Birmingham
  • Andreas Kleppe, ICGI, Oslo
  • Håvard Danielsen, ICGI, Oslo/NDCLS Oxford
  • Susan Fotheringham, OCB, Oxford markers
  • David Kerr, NDCLS, Oxford
  • John Fox, Oxford
  • Hanne Askautrud, ICGI, Oslo

Program for the fourth CRC-Network meeting

at Queen's College in Oxford, March 28th - 29th 2019

Stem Cells

Chair: Marco Novelli
28th March, 10:00 - 13:00
10:00 Marco Novelli, UCL, London Introduction
10:05 Vivian Li, Crick Institute, London WNT signal control in the intestinal stem cell and cancer
10:30 Jan Paul Medema, AMC, Amsterdam CRC stem cells
11:00 Marnix Jansen SC, UCL, London Visualising clonal expansions across the GI tract in 3D
11:30 Coffee
12:00 Ian Tomlinson, ICGS, Birmingham Predisposition to CRC − the stem cell model
12:30 Alex Bullock, SGC, Oxford BMP signalling and CRC
13:00 Lunch break

Advances in the management of early CRC

Chair: Rachel Kerr
28th March, 14:00 - 17:30
14:00 James Paul, Cancer trial office, Glasgow The SCOT trial
14:30 Simon Bach, ICGS, Birmingham Improving the outcome for rectal cancer patients
15:00 Enric Domingo, Oncology, Oxford Molecular markers for CRC
15:30 Tea
16:00 David Church, WCHG, Oxford Immune microenvironment of CRC
16:30 Claire Palles, ICGS, Birmingham Genetic markers for chemotoxicity (TBC)
17:00 Hanne Askautrud, ICGI, Oslo University Hospital: Tumour heterogeneity in CRC

Application of new technology: precision treatment of early CRC

Chair: Sigbjørn Smeland
29th March, 09:30 - 13:00
09:30 John Fox, Oxford Data Science meets Knowledge Engineering: does AI offer a new strategy for improving quality and safety of care and outcomes across the cancer journey
10:00 Andreas Kleppe, ICGI, Oslo Nucleotyping: A pan cancer marker of prognosis
10:30 Håvard Danielsen, ICGI, Oslo/NDCLS Oxford AI approach to prognosis of CRC
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Susan Fotheringham, OCB, Oxford A novel platform for identifying predictive markers
12:00 David Kerr, NDCLS, Oxford Designing adjuvant trials using ctDNA
12:30 Marco Novelli Closing remarks

Venue for the lecture program

The lectures will be held in the Shulman Auditorium at the Queen's College in Oxford, a part of the Oxford University campus.

Please allow 5 minutes walk from entering the Queen's College from Oxford High street. Signs to the Shulman auditorium will guide you to the venue.

The lectures are open to all and we aim for no delays.

Map to the Shulman auditorium


We highly recommend staying in the historic settings of the Queen's College. This is in close vicinity to the Shulman auditorium where the lectures will be held.

Please follow following instructions for online booking:

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If you are having difficulty:

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  • Try using the internet browsers Chrome or Mozilla.

Please note this is a service offered by the Queen's College, and the CRC Network can unfortunatly not assist you in making a reservation.

How to register

Please fill in your details in our registration form to registrate for the CRC network Meeting at Oxford University.

The Lectures are free to attend, and open to all, but we do appreciate attendees to registrate. Additional information will be sent to you by e-mail, so please ensure the e-mail address is valid.

Tea/coffee/biscuits will be available at the Shulman Auditorium, and a limited number of complimentary lunches are offered (part of the registration form). There are also cafés and restaurants in the vicinity of the Queen's College.

Previous Meetings

Oxford, March 2017

In March 2017 the third Network meeting was a joint event with the inauguration of the Oxford Centre for Cancer Gene Research. The meeting was again hosted at the Queen's College in Oxford, with attendees from several countries, universities and research institutes.
Link to pdf of lecture programme 2017

Oxford, March 2015

The second CRC Network meeting was held in the historic surroundings of the Queen's College in Oxford, 19th - 20th March 2015.

Among the speakers were the founders of the CRC Network, as well as other researchers on colorectal cancer; Charles Swanton, Ragnhild A. Lohte, Ricky Sharma, Andrew Reynolds, Simon Leedham, Oliver Sieber, Enric Domingo, James M. Franklin, Anita Sveen, Arild Nesbakken and Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth.
Link to pdf of lecture programme 2015

Oslo, September 5th 2013

The very first network meeting was arranged at Oslo University Hospital, Radiumhospitalet, and the CRC Network was formally created. The seminar "Detecting and Managing Colorectal Cancer" was held in the new research building at The Norwegian Radium Hospital.

Link to pdf of lecture programme 2013
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